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Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Live to 102

Ruth Kobin invited me for an afternoon of sandwiches and Bananagrams at her apartment last week. We had a grand time snacking and catching up, even though she won two out  of three games. I asked Ruth how she stays so vital and energetic at 102-years-old and she replied, " By playing Bananagrams and hollering at football games on the television like mad. The truth is, Ruth has been physically active her whole life and now at 102 she stretches, lifts weights everyday, and goes to pilates once a week. Her real secret to aging gracefully is, " Celebrate everyday and don't look at the calendar."


Sacramento Amate said...

Glorious 102 with soooooooooooooo much style.
You make us all be proud to get older.
Here to another 102

Angele Style said...

FABULOUS!! She is a GREAT role model. I wonder what her diet is like. Staying active starts with NUTRITION. She must take excellent care of herself and her attitude is MAJOR also. Watching athletes, playing games herself and exercising all positive positive positive!!! She is a TREAT for us all to see.

Tilda said...

What a fantastic lady!
I holler at football games on tv too, so maybe I'll get some extra years :) I used to take aerobics classes from an 80 year old instructor---exercise truly is the fountain of health!

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas said...

Ari, this is a terrific post. Ruth is an inspiration and her message is so positive. We love that she watches football & yells at the TV! (Maybe that's the true fountain of youth?) Tell Ruth to "keep on keepin' on" and you "keep on rockin' with your bad self"!
Jean & Valerie

Cinnamon and White Chocolate said...

Wow! I adore your ladies, and Ruth is a great inspiration! And althoug I am "only" 33, I do almost the same as Ruth- combination of phisycal excercize and some brain job- jogging and learning, reading etc! Go Ruth and I wish you a lot of well spent years ahead! Ilina

Scat said...

Love Ruth and her style. God bless her soul. xox

Patsycatsy said...

She's a perfect role model to follow. Life's her biggest passion, so should be ours.

Sonia said...

"Celebrate every day and do not look at the calendar," that is the secret of someone who knows how to live. Brave lady, lovely, elegant and wise!

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