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Monday, April 29, 2013

A Visit to l.a. Eyeworks

Ever since I purchased my first pair of prescription glasses my mom has been  telling me, "You change your shoes and shirts everyday, so why not change your glasses." Having several pairs of glasses is definitely a luxury, but it's also an investment that you won't regret. While in Los Angeles this past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph co-founder of l.a. Eyeworks, Gai Gherardi. I have been a long time fan of her fun and colorful frames and was delighted to meet her and her equally awesome partner Rhonda. Thank you to the l.a. Eyeworks team for my new gold Flying Wallendas. (They are definitely mom approved!)
New Frames from l.a. Eyeworks


Bayu Radith said...

love that printed jacket..

Forest City Fashionista said...

Definitely like the new frames - give you a very different look from the dark ones! Gai and her partner have such enviably funky style, especially in the shapes and proportions of their outfits. I'd like to incorporate pieces like that, especially the pants, into my wardrobe.

Ella said...

Hello Ari,

I've been enjoying your blog and book so much. If you ever return to Stockholm again, there's a lady I'm sure you'd enjoy meeting. Her name is Maria LLerena, and she's been an international salsa queen since '66. She's still going strong in every way, she performs, travels, make new outfits and hats and learns new things every day. She's a true inspiration.

Here's an image of her:

And her page is:

xx Macie said...

Oh, how wonderful. They seem like awesome ladies.

amen fashion, xo

Lynne97060 said...

Liked the B&W photo; puts their outfits into a whole new dimension. And Mom is right about the glasses: why not make them a fashion accessory? Elton John certainly did!

Anonymous said...

They're really adorable! (New frames and lovely ladies.)

BaileyZimmerman said...

Great glasses are my new jewelry. Great site!!


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