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Friday, June 12, 2009

Advanced Style Icon: Man About Town

[Photo by MISTER MORT]
While walking around the city, I'll often times run into someone I have photographed before. Each time I see this gentleman I am impressed by his charming and sophisticated look. His coordinated outfits are effortlessly stylish and full of character.


Dicoyco said...

He´s cool!!!!!!!!!!

ana said...

I love your blog

Louise and Nivaldo said...

Love him!

Valeria Vera said...

OMG!! what a great blog here!!!!!... Its such a great idea, i have one about street style but ive never tought in including "advanced" age people, now reading your blog i feel just like a copycat of the "common" blogs of street style.. jeje... anyway congratulations its an amazing project
BTW my blog -not as cool as yours but still about street style- is DFLAVOR.BLOGSPOT.COM

Greetings from Mexico City

Eda said...

What a chic man!

Vanessa said...

Hey! Nice blog dear…. The person is too cool; as well as your blog title is very attractive…….cool looks.


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